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Download “Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 nulled” for free

ELLA is an All-in-one Shopify Template with multiple layouts and styles allows you to create different structures and satisfies any specific requirements for different kinds of business.
With Ella 6.0, we focus on key factors to build your successful store:

  • Optimized Code
  • Good Performance
  • Maximum Customizability & Speed
  • UI UX
  • New Designs
  • New Functionalities
  • “Feature-rich” for Mobile

and many enhancements including amending Ella’s design to bring a smooth shopping experience.
Let’s discover tons of professional and creative design options as well as advanced features in our theme spotlight + full theme features below. Grab Ella now to quickly create a modern and professional e-commerce website store.

Want to use our theme for other businesses without Fashion? We create a truly specific design for a specific business with Child Themes.

Fast Navigation for Conversion
Our advanced product filter system will optimize your conversion by helping your customers navigate to the product they need within seconds.

Smart Search & Suggestions
Our smart search & suggestions with spell-check and quick results will reduce your customers’ shopping time and boost your sales.


Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 nulled has published on 8 December 2014 for the first time by halothemes and the last update was on 10 December 2022. It has sold 29,284 copies with an $89 price tag. 808 customers have voted and the average was 4.79 stars / 5. 

Download “Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 nulled” for free

Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme Changelog

Ella version 6.5.5 (29/02/2024)

We have added the following new features:
Added: Animated Cursors Effects: Following Cursor Effect + Swirl Cursor Effect
The following cursor effect makes it easier for readers to navigate around the bold, content-heavy website. It makes the cursor more prominent so users can more easily locate where they are and move around the content-rich site.
The swirl cursor effect is a great contrast against the stark black background.
Page Preloading Effects: Logo image, Loading bar, and Rolling
Preloaders are essential interface elements, signaling that the website is active and processing data to prevent users from assuming it has crashed.
Creative animations enliven interfaces, adding uniqueness and branding to products. This small detail can significantly enhance user experience.
Built-in Store locator page: We have built this page to work with Google Maps, eliminating the need to pay for a 3rd party app. 
We have updated/fixed the following features:
Compatibility with Shopify Subscriptions App
Improved: JavaScript, CSS, Liquid 
Fixed: Product Bundle, Product Combo, Breadcrumb, Buy It Now button color, Language and Currency on Header Nav - Plain, Product Card, RTL layout, and other minor issues. 
Fixed: JavaScript, CSS, Liquid

Ella version 6.5.4 (26/01/2024)

We've detected an Image Display issue in the Ella Theme due to the recent Chrome update, where a short code attribute is no longer supported. Our team has promptly addressed this and released an update to the theme source on Themeforest. If you prefer not to update the entire theme, follow this instructions to resolve the issue on your website.

Ella version 6.5.4 (18/12/2023)

We have added the following design and feature:
New Home: Single Product. Click here to set up this Home
New Function: Section Anchor
New Sections: Collapsible Content, Custom Banner Image 2, Featured Product, Product Review
We have updated the following features:
Update to show Collection for Breadcrumb
Update to show filter by Color
Update a new logic to load the Mobile Menu faster.
Update a new logic to load the product data faster.
Improve for RTL layout when using Translate App
We have fixed the following issues:
Elements With Non-unique for Quick Search
Logic for Calculate Free Shipping Message
Sidebar on Filter doesn't work with a different name of "More Filter" from Filter By Tag title
Mobile Header CSS issue on an old IOS version
Issue with Gift Wrap
Announcement Bar doesn't work on old IOS version when using animation
Issue with Product Bundle when the sidecart has not loaded
Product Price on Quickview doesn't update by variants
Style issue when using Special Banner within Image Banner section
And we’ve squashed other minor pesky bugs also
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