WooCommerce Order Barcodes (v1.7.4) Free Download

Streamlining the order and delivery process for online businesses can be quite a challenge. That’s where WooCommerce Order Barcodes Nulled, a plug-in developed by WooCommerce, comes into play. This efficient plugin generates a unique barcode for each order on your site. The innovation was last updated on June 12, 2023, and has seen over 1,000 active installations, attesting to its effectiveness and user-friendly interface.

WooCommerce Order Barcodes FREE DOWNLOAD

Perfect for e-tickets, packing slips, reservations, and a variety of other uses, WooCommerce Order Barcodes free download breathes new life into your online store’s operations. It creates an ecosystem where every order placed gets a unique barcode, which can then be utilized in various ways.

Whether it’s about attaching them to e-tickets, e-reservations, or packing slips, these barcodes make operations swift and seamless. You can choose to create these barcodes in one of five different types, including standard barcodes and QR codes nulled. These barcodes can be scanned and processed directly on your site, ensuring you maintain a robust yet simple e-ticket solution for any type of event, booking, or reservation.

Customers will receive their barcodes via email, making it easy for them to print when necessary. On the other hand, store owners will also be able to view and print out barcodes, adding another layer of convenience to the entire order fulfilment process.

Incorporating the built-in barcode scanner, store owners can quickly complete orders or check customers in. This efficient process not only boosts productivity but also enhances customer satisfaction, a key to retaining loyal customers.

WooCommerce Order Barcodes also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce Bookings, making your booking management process even more efficient. So, if you’re seeking to improve your WooCommerce store’s operations and provide a smooth customer experience, the WooCommerce Order Barcodes GPL is an invaluable addition to your toolbox. Revolutionize your order management process and watch your online store flourish with this powerful plugin.


Version 1.7.4

RELEASED ON 2024-03-25
WordPress 6.5 compatibility.

Version 1.7.3 RELEASED ON 2023-12-11
Declared cart/checkout blocks compatibility.

Version 1.7.2 RELEASED ON 2023-09-18
Applying WordPress Coding Standards.

Version 1.7.1 RELEASED ON 2023-09-05
Security updates.

Version 1.7.0 RELEASED ON 2023-08-08
New barcode library for PHP 8 compatibility.

Version 1.6.5 RELEASED ON 2023-06-12
Security update.

Version 1.6.4 RELEASED ON 2023-05-01
Security update.

Version 1.6.3 RELEASED ON 2023-02-02
To make `display_barcode()` available for other plugins.

Version 1.6.2 RELEASED ON 2023-01-23
Automatic barcode generation no longer fails with "Barcode will be generated after Order is created!" message.

Version 1.6.1 RELEASED ON 2023-01-19
Display a notice text on Add New Order screen.
WooCommerce Order Barcodes FREE DOWNLOAD

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