(v3.0.5 + v2.0.4) Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro Free Download [GPL, Activated]

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro plugin is the new rising star in the “WooCommerce Checkout Customizer” category. You should give it a try, absolutely. The plugin will give “Shopify Style Checkout Experience” to the your customers.

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro [Nulled] Free Download

Fluid Checkout PRO nulled simplifies and improves the checkout experience on WooCommerce websites for your new and repeating customers with a truly linear, Shopify-like checkout.

Frictionless Multi-step Checkout for WooCommerce

Fluid Checkout replaces the WooCommerce checkoutcart and order received pages with a consistent and better purchase experience, eliminating unnecessary friction at the most critical step of online sales.

Improve your conversion rates today.

All features at a glance

  • Optimized checkout page
  • Optimized cart page PRO
  • Optimized order received / thank you page PRO
  • Edit cart contents at checkout page PRO NEW
  • Trust symbols on the checkout page
  • Trust symbols on the cart page
  • Express Checkout buttons from supported payment methods PRO
  • Google Address Autocomplete PRO
  • Address book with multiple shipping and billing addresses PRO
  • Local pickup and in-store collection PRO
  • Integrated coupon code field on the checkout page
  • Integrated coupon code field on the cart page PRO
  • Gift messages and packing slips PRO
  • Instant field validation and feedback
  • International phone numbers PRO
  • Shipping phone field
  • Hidden optional fields
  • Customer’s data saved automatically
  • Skip completed steps with step review sections
  • Ask for shipping address before billing
  • Choose between multi-step and one-step checkout layouts
  • Log-in without leaving the checkout

Works with what you do

Every WooCommerce store is different, and the checkout page is no exception. Fluid Checkout Pro nulled integrates with many of the most popular plugins and themes. New integrations are added with every update.

  • Themes (Shoptimizer, Astra, Blocksy, Flatsome, Divi, and many more)
  • Payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and many more)
  • Express checkout (Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay) PRO
  • Shipping methods plugins
  • Checkout Field Editor plugins
  • Country specific plugins (Brazilian Market, Germanized, German Market)
  • Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Integration with order delivery date plugins PRO
  • Integration with points and rewards plugins PRO
  • Integration with Checkout Field Editor PRO by ThemeHigh PRO
  • Tight integration with Amazon Pay express checkout PRO NEW


3.0.5 – 2023-11-10
Added: Compatibility with theme Gizmos.
Added: Compatibility with theme Botiga.
Added: Compatibility with plugin Botiga PRO.
Added: Compatibility with plugin WooCommerce CobrosYA.com.
Added: Compatibility with plugin Kadence Shop Kit (WooCommerce extras).
Added: Compatibility with plugin DPD Baltic Shipping.
Added: Compatibility with plugin “LP Express” Shipping Method for WooCommerce.
Improved: Added filter fc_checkout_address_i18n_override_locale_attributes and fc_checkout_address_i18n_override_locale_required_attribute to allow overriding checkout field attributes that are locale dependent.
Improved: Added action hooks fc_order_summary_cart_item_totals_before and fc_order_summary_cart_item_totals_after to display custom elements near the cart item total price in the order summary on the checkout page.
Fixed: Cart item product total price alignment on the order summary in some cases.
Fixed: Alignment for the add coupon code link when displayed on the order summary.
Fixed: Fix values for billing phone field visibility settings to match accepted values from WooCommerce.
Fixed: Compatibility with plugin Brazilian Market, check if phone fields are enabled before trying to use them, and update scripts with latest changes from original plugin.
Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro [Nulled] Free Download
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