Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO (v1.1.0.8) Free Download

The “Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO Free Download” plugin emerges as a valuable tool for WordPress users, providing a streamlined approach to plugin management and cleanup. Let’s explore the key features and benefits that make this plugin a valuable asset for WordPress administrators.

Freesoul Free Download
  1. Efficient Plugin Deactivation: Freesoul Deactivate Plugins simplifies the process of deactivating plugins on a WordPress site. With just a few clicks, users can deactivate multiple plugins simultaneously, saving time and effort compared to the manual deactivation of each plugin individually.
  2. Bulk Deactivation: The plugin manager allows users to deactivate plugins in bulk, making it especially useful for situations where multiple plugins need to be disabled or reactivated at once. This feature is beneficial for website administrators dealing with plugin conflicts or performing routine maintenance.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Deactivating unnecessary plugins can contribute to improved website performance. Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO Nulled provides a convenient way to identify and deactivate plugins that are not actively in use, helping to streamline the website and reduce unnecessary resource consumption.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The intuitive design ensures that both novice and experienced WordPress users can utilize the plugin manager without facing a steep learning curve. The straightforward interface contributes to a positive user experience.
  5. Detailed Plugin Information: Users can access detailed information about each installed plugin, including the plugin name, version, author, and description. This information aids administrators in making informed decisions about which plugins to deactivate or retain based on their specific needs and requirements.
  6. Status Indicators: Freesoul Deactivate Plugins provides status indicators for each plugin, indicating whether a plugin is currently active or inactive. This visual representation simplifies the process of identifying the activation status of plugins at a glance, enhancing user convenience.
  7. Search and Filter Functionality: The plugin manager includes search and filter functionalities, allowing users to quickly locate specific plugins based on keywords or criteria. This feature becomes particularly useful when managing a large number of plugins, enabling administrators to find and deactivate plugins with ease.
  8. Plugin Cleanup: Regularly reviewing and deactivating unused or unnecessary plugins is crucial for maintaining a clean and efficient WordPress installation. Freesoul Free Download facilitates this cleanup process, contributing to a well-organized and optimized website environment.
  9. Compatibility and Reliability: The plugin is designed to be compatible with various WordPress themes and plugins. Its reliability ensures consistent performance, and updates are likely to address any emerging compatibility issues with the evolving WordPress ecosystem.
  10. Optimized Website Security: Deactivating unused plugins is a recommended security practice. Freesoul Nulled supports website security efforts by providing a tool to easily manage and deactivate plugins that may pose security risks if not actively maintained.
  11. Time-Saving Solution: The ability to deactivate plugins in bulk and access detailed information through a centralized interface makes Freesoul Deactivate Plugins a time-saving solution for administrators tasked with plugin management.

Freesoul Deactivate Plugins – Plugin manager and cleanup emerges as a valuable asset for WordPress users seeking an efficient and user-friendly solution for plugin management. Whether it’s bulk deactivation, detailed plugin information, or enhanced website performance, this plugin manager addresses key aspects of plugin management with simplicity and effectiveness. As WordPress administrators continue to prioritize website optimization and security, tools like Freesoul Deactivate Plugins play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Freesoul Free Download



Added: helper functions to create FDP add-ons
Fix: single post settings not updated when trashing or untrashing a post
Fix: wrong set of plugins when trying to visit a draft post as a non-logged user


Fix: FDP Editor Cleanup add-ons disabled during Ajax calls
Added: Hook for User Agents settings page (PRO feature)


Added: Option to keep specific plugins active only when specific URLs are matched (limited to 3 plugins for the free version)
Checked: WordPress v. 6.4

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