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MultiVendorX Addons nulled is the ultimate marketplace software for entrepreneurs like you. Create your marketplaces without hassles of coding and start building today!

Niche Marketplace

Planning to build a marketplace in your niche like Zara or Sephora? Then MultivendorX is your best choice. With its unique feature set you can bring your brand to live.

MultiVendorX is developed, planned and designed in such a manner that it is going to take care of all your marketplace requirements. With Over 200 features to work with you have a marketplace solution it for any business.

Is Compatible with most WordPress Plugins

We know how important other plugins are to your website. So we designed MultiVendorX in such a way that you can reap all the benefits of your plugins with worrying too little about plugin conflicts.

Comes with a responsive and friendly Support Team

In fix and don’t know what to do? Our support team is just a query away. We dedicate ourselves to solving all your marketplaces queries. With us on your side, you can have a stress-free marketplace journey.



4.0.32 – 2023-12-21
Added – Compatibility of WordPress 6.4.2.
Added – Compatibility of WooCommerce 8.4.0.
*Fix – There were issues in the vendor shipping option while configuring it from the admin dashboard. The CSS was not correct, the scrollbar was not working while in the add shipping method section. We have fixed those issue in our current update. Also added an option to get back to the previous page in the shipping section. #576
*Fix – There were lot of issues in the WPML module. The translation flags were not present in the vendor dashboard, the product url was not showing correctly. But in this new updated version we have fixed those.
*Fix – If we set vendor wise commission as 0 and set global commission then the vendor commission gets calculated on global commission. But if the vendor wise commission is set something other than 0 then the commission is calculated as per that. We have fixed this issue with vendor commission and the commission is getting calculated accordingly. #591
Updated – Language file.

4.0.31 – 2023-11-28
Added – Compatibility of WooCommerce 8.3.1.
*Fix – Earlier there were some grammatical mistakes in some default texts with some customer facing functions. That mistakes/errors have been rectified in this version. #582
*Fix – [vendor store policy] The vendor policies set by the admin from the backend were not getting synced with the policies set by the vendor from the vendor dashboard. Also those vendor policies set by the admin were not getting displayed on the vendor store page either. With this update the vendor policies set by admin and vendor are synced flawlessly and are also getting displayed on the vendor store page. #589.
*Fix – [Vendor addional email] There were two issues with the email setting in the vendor storefront. Firstly even after adding both the primary and additional email ids from the vendor dashboard, none of them were getting displayed on the vendor store page and also In the additional email field if we remove the email address and click save settings still that is not removed. #590.
Updated – Language file.

4.0.30 – 2023-11-14
Added – Compatibility of WordPress 6.4.1.
Added – Compatibility of WooCommerce 8.2.2.
Added – Banking overview csv #574.
Fix – Issue in vendor edit product page #583.
Fix – Issue in commissions details page in admin end #564.
Updated – Language file.

4.0.29 – 2023-11-01
Added – Compatibility of WordPress 6.3.2.
Added – Compatibility of WooCommerce 8.2.1.
Added – Vendor deactivation flow #553.
Fix – Issue with viewing vendor application from admin mail #556.
Fix – Related products not showing according to the settings in the backend #548.
Updated – Language file.

4.0.28 – 2023-10-13
Added – Compatibility of WooCommerce 8.2.0.
Added – Add support for additional content in new vendor account mail #532.
Fix – Withdrawal request to Admin from Vendor by BAC change #385.
Fix – The policies set in the admin dashboard not displayed on vendor dashboard #540.
Fix – Issue with withdrawal request for order status set #539.
Fix – Allowed memory size exhausted issue #546.
Dev – Added mvx_task_board_bulk_action_triggers action.
Updated – Language file.
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