Product Feed Manager (v6.4.5 – v7.3.24) for WooCommerce PRO Free Download

Expanding your e-commerce business across multiple online marketplaces is a strategic approach to maximize visibility and sales. However, this task can be challenging without the right tool at your disposal. Enter WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Pro Nulled —a revolutionary plugin designed to simplify the generation of product feeds, making it a breeze to list your products on any marketplace.

Product Feed Manager PRO Free Download

With a few clicks, you can generate an accurate product feed, listing your WooCommerce products on any marketplace. The plugin includes pre-defined merchant templates, ensuring you generate flawless feeds for popular platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, and more than 170+ other merchants.

To generate your preferred feed, all it takes are three simple steps:

  1. Select Merchant.
  2. Configure Product Data.
  3. Generate Feed Easily.

The outcome is a ready-to-go WooCommerce product feed, enabling you to start selling on your desired marketplace.

The Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO free download introduces advanced features like category mapping, custom fields, product filters, and Google Auto-sync. These functionalities allow for an optimized feed that drives greater results, making it easier than ever to maximize sales across the largest marketplaces.

The plugin also offers auto-sync capabilities, which means your WooCommerce store can be automatically updated with your Google Merchant shop. This removes the need to manually upload a product feed to Google for every product data change. Moreover, the extensive filter options provide the flexibility to include or exclude specific products in your feed based on various attributes, ensuring you only list the products that you intend to.

A noteworthy feature of this tool is the ability to merge your WooCommerce categories with Google’s mandatory product categories, simplifying the approval process. You can also schedule automatic product feed updates, keeping your listings current without any manual intervention.

Product Feed Manager PRO Free Download

Recognizing the importance of unique product attributes like GTIN, MPN, Brand, etc., Product Feed Manager allows you to include these essential custom fields to create an accurate product feed. Furthermore, the Product Rule feature empowers you to manipulate your product attribute values, tailoring the feed to your needs.

If you’re looking for a tool that helps generate product feeds effortlessly and accurately, WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is the solution for you. It’s a powerful and reliable plugin, trusted by thousands of happy customers and featured by well-known online platforms.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager PRO GPL gives you the edge in e-commerce, offering the quickest and most reliable solution for feed generation for various platforms like Google Shopping, Yandex Market, and Facebook Catalog. By leveraging this plugin, you can navigate the competitive e-commerce landscape confidently and effectively, reaching a broader audience, and driving more sales.

But no tool is complete without alternative options. Other WooCommerce product recommendation plugins that are worth considering include:

  1. Beeketing for WooCommerce: An automated marketing plugin that includes product recommendations.
  2. YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together: A plugin that suggests additional products that customers often buy together.
  3. WooCommerce Recommendation Engine: It offers advanced product recommendation features, including related products, upsells, and cross-sells.
Product Feed Manager PRO Free Download

Each of these alternatives offers unique features and advantages, making them worth considering. However, WooCommerce Product Feed Manager nulled stands out with its ease-of-use, efficiency, and advanced functionalities that streamline the feed generation process, making it an excellent choice for any e-commerce business.


7.3.24 (2023-12-29)
Fixed: Draft feeds saving issue in the feed filters & settings drawer
Fixed: PHP warning for undefined array key in checkout page

7.3.23 (2023-12-21)
Added: Filter hook added rexfeed_sale_price_start_date_format
Added: Filter hook added rexfeed_sale_price_end_date_format
Added: Filter hook added rexfeed_sale_price_effective_date_format

7.3.22 (2023-12-18)
Fixed: Custom attribute row button issue in attribute mapping table
Fixed: Polylang settings option restored

7.3.21 (2023-12-14)
Added: Filter hook rexfeed_csv_fopen_mode added
Fixed: WP query placeholder backward compatibility

7.3.20 (2023-12-07)
Added: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin’s custom fields support in feed
Fixed: Feed publish/update notice disappearing issue

7.3.19 (2023-11-30)
Enhancement: Removed third-party library johnbillion/extended-cpts usage for registering custom post type

7.3.18 (2023-11-23)
Fixed: Polylang Pro compatibility
Fixed: Nonce verification on category map operations

7.3.17 (2023-11-02)
Fixed: Currency conversion compatibility issue with WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML
Fixed: Duplicate products issue while updating Idealo & feeds in the background
Product Feed Manager PRO Free Download
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