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v8.0.4 Quiz and Survey Master Download [GPL]

Download “Quiz and Survey Master Pro Addons Bundle” for free

Powerful quiz and survey for WordPress in few minutes!

QSM is the regarded as one of best WordPress quiz plugin used by over 40,000 websites. It offers an easy to create interface for quiz, surveys, exams, tests, questionnaire – you name it. Unlike other survey platforms, you can create unlimited quizzes / surveys on your WordPress with native looking designs. You own your data and you control your data!

Over 34 Unique Features

Quiz and Survey Master nulled (QSM) will take your WordPress quiz and survey game to the next level.

Reporting & Analysis

Use built in analytics tools to easily filter and display survey and quiz responses in a variety of charts including bar, pie, and box plot.

Email Marketing

Collect email address using your quizzes and surveys and send them to a variety of services including MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, and many more.

Funnel Optimization

Using addons such as Google Analytics Tracking and URL Parameters, you can use analytics and your CRM software to see where you can optimize.

Export Results

Export quiz results into CSV or Connect with Google sheets to see results in realtime.

Easily Collect Responses

Quickly and easily set up surveys to collect customer feedback, plan events, validate ideas, and more. Set up quizzes to easily test user knowledge, host certification exams, and more.

Export and Import

With this addon, you can export a single quiz or survey or all of your quizzes and surveys. The export will include all of the options, text, email templates, questions, and more!

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