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Having a powerful SEO plugin for your website is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Rank Math Pro free download, an upgrade to the highly popular free version, has emerged as an SEO powerhouse. Let’s delve deeper into its features, and compare it with its top three alternatives: Yoast SEO Premium, All in One SEO Pack Pro, and SEOPress Pro.

Free Download

Rank Math Pro

Rank Math Pro Nulled has been lauded for its feature-rich and user-friendly interface. It not only provides the basic functionality that every SEO plugin should, such as meta title and description editing and XML sitemaps, but also comes with several advanced features.

One of its unique features is the ability to optimize your posts for up to five keywords, compared to just one in many other plugins. It provides you with an SEO score based on 40 known factors, giving you an insight into your optimization level and helping you make improvements.

The Schema Markup feature is another significant advantage. Rank Math Pro supports multiple types of Schema Markups, including Article, Recipe, and Product. This helps search engines understand your content better, which can improve your site’s visibility.

Additionally, Rank Math nulled offers Google Analytics Integration, meaning you can view important website metrics directly from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin also supports Google Keyword Ranking, allowing you to track your website’s performance for specific keywords.

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Premium, one of the oldest players in the SEO plugin market, offers a set of impressive features. While both plugins provide multi-keyword optimization, Yoast’s readability analysis stands out. It analyzes your content and gives real-time suggestions for improving readability, which can increase user engagement.

However, Yoast’s schema implementation isn’t as comprehensive as Rank Math Pro’s. Yoast SEO Premium supports fewer Schema types and the process is more manual, while Rank Math Pro plugin free download offers more automated Schema options. Regarding keyword rank tracking, Yoast doesn’t offer this feature in the plugin, but via a separate tool, Yoast SEO Insights.

All in One SEO Pack Pro

Next up is All in One SEO Pack Pro. This plugin excels in simplicity and ease of use, making it a popular choice for beginners. Like Rank Math Pro and Yoast SEO Premium, it provides fundamental SEO features such as XML sitemaps and social meta tags.

However, All in One SEO Pack Pro lags behind Rank Math Pro in several areas. For example, it doesn’t support keyword rank tracking, and it only allows you to optimize for one keyword per post. The plugin supports Schema Markup but isn’t as extensive or automated as Rank Math Pro.

SEOPress Pro

Finally, we have SEOPress Pro, a robust and easy-to-use SEO plugin. It offers most of the core SEO features provided by the other plugins, plus some unique ones, like automatic and manual schemas, Google Analytics integration, and breadcrumbs for better site navigation.

However, SEOPress Pro does not support keyword rank tracking, and it only lets you optimize a post for one keyword. While SEOPress Pro’s schema implementation is better than Yoast’s and All in One SEO Pack’s, it still falls short compared to Rank Math Pro.


To summarize, Rank Math Pro has emerged as an impressive and competitive SEO plugin with a multitude of advanced features. Its unique offerings, like optimization for up to five keywords, comprehensive Schema Markup, Google Analytics integration, and keyword rank tracking, set it apart from its competitors.

Free Download

While each of these SEO plugins has its strengths and suits different needs, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements when choosing. Rank Math Pro provides a comprehensive and advanced SEO suite, making it a solid choice for those aiming to take their website’s SEO to the next level. In the ever-changing landscape of SEO, having a feature-packed plugin like Rank Math Pro can make a significant difference in your website’s visibility and success.


v3.0.61 May 2, 2024

Added: [NEW!] Tool to Generate Image Alt using Content AI
Improved: Variable Products from the ProductGroup Schema will now use the main product’s description if it is unavailable for the variant
Improved: New posts will now be included in the News Sitemap if they have multiple terms and one of them is not excluded from the Settings
Fixed: Invalid property error in the Schema validator due to the unsupported attributes added to the Variable Product Schema
Fixed: Post Analytics was not displaying the Google Search Console data if Google Analytics is not connected
Fixed: Broken search field styling on the Rank Tracker page in WordPress 6.5

v3.0.60 April 12, 2024

Added: New filter to modify the value of <news:language> in the News Sitemap
Improved: Auto-generated Video Schema will be removed when the associated video is deleted from the content during post updates
Fixed: Bulk Actions issue with custom post types

v3.0.59 April 3, 2024

Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: JobPosting location field label to prevent confusion regarding the optional fields

v3.0.58 March 20, 2024

Added: New properties to the Product Variant Schema that was recently introduced by Google
Fixed: Missing keywords property in Article Schema when multiple Schemas are added
Fixed: Order issue in the Keywords Position History graph

v3.0.57 March 7, 2024

Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Fixed: Timeout error on the News Sitemap settings page on sites with numerous taxonomy terms
Fixed: Database error on the Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics

v3.0.56 February 21, 2024

Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: Schema Template labels for clarity
Fixed: PHP error on Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics
Fixed: Incorrect URL used in the Schema Global Template’s edit button when Site URL and WordPress URL are different

v3.0.55 January 31, 2024

Fixed: News & Video Sitemap were showing a white page when their names were changed using the filter
Fixed: Issue with %customfield% variable in the KML Sitemap
Fixed: PHP error when an incorrect format is used in the sources during the import of Redirections from a CSV file

v3.0.54 January 17, 2024

Fixed: PHP warning in Post Analytics
Fixed: Issue with Importing metadata from CSV file on a multisite setup
Fixed: Issue with Importing Redirections from CSV file on a multisite setup

v3.0.53 January 3, 2024

Added: New filter to change the News & Video Sitemap slug
Fixed: PHP error when downloading attachments from an external source in CSV import

v3.0.52 December 20, 2023
Fixed: Incorrect order of Tracked keywords in Keyword Reports Overview
Fixed: Console error RangeError: Invalid array length in the Analytics page on some setups

v3.0.51 December 7, 2023
Improved: Content AI is now optimized to deliver results quickly
Improved: Bulk Generate SEO Meta tags feature is now restricted to Paid Content AI users
Improved: Autogenerate Image now uses the Poster Image as the thumbnailUrl for self-hosted videos
Improved: Podcast Feed Permalink filter now allows disabling the Podcast feed by passing a false value

v3.0.50 November 30, 2023
Fixed: Adding empty lines in Pros & Cons fields created non-compliant Schema Markup
Fixed: Attribute to show price range show_priceRange in the Local Business shortcode was not functioning
Fixed: Open Graph image did not update after importing data using the CSV File
Fixed: Incorrect Schema displayed in the Code Validation on the Homepage
Fixed: Error after importing Redirections with encoded characters from a CSV file

v3.0.49 November 15, 2023
Improved: Generate Video Schema tool now updates the uploadDate value in existing Video Schemas in accordance with the new guidelines
Fixed: Broken image in the Schema shortcode when Podcast Image is not added in the Settings
Fixed: Range Error shown in browser’s console on some setups on the Analytics page
Fixed: Deprecated PHP warnings on Post Analytics page
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