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Redis Object Cache Pro v1.17.0 free download

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Download Object Cache Pro for free

A business class Redis object cache backend for WordPress.

Truly reliable, highly-optimized and fully customizable, with a dedicated engineer when you most need it.

A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis. Supports PredisPhpRedis (PECL)Relay, replication, sentinels, clustering and WP-CLI.

To adjust the connection parameters, prefix cache keys or configure replication/clustering, please see our wiki.


business class Redis object cache backend. Truly reliable, highly optimized, fully customizable and with a dedicated engineer when you most need it.

  • Rewritten for raw performance
  • 100% WordPress API compliant
  • Faster serialization and compression
  • Easy debugging & logging
  • Cache prefetching and analytics
  • Fully unit tested (100% code coverage)
  • Secure connections with TLS
  • Health checks via WordPress & WP CLI
  • Optimized for WooCommerce, Jetpack & Yoast SEO


v1.17.0 - 2022-11-23
Added support replicated and sentinel Relay connections
Added group_flush configuration option supporting keys (new faster default), scan (previous default) and incremental (enormous datasets)
Added tracer configuration option supporting new-relic and global open-telemetry tracer providers
Support network_flush option when using Redis Cluster
Support New Relic tracing for Redis Cluster, Redis Sentinel and Relay clients
Added *Connection::listKeys() helpers
Added PhpRedisClusterConnection::eval*() helpers
Added Redis Server version health checks and indicators
Bumped scan and batch removal from 100 to 500 keys
Flush more prudently even on main site when using network_flush
Indicate whether the network or site will be flushed in overview widget in multisite environments
Renamed all the things from master(s) to primary/primaries with backwards compatibility
Improved must-use plugin detection
⚠️ Added client() method to ConnectionInterface
⚠️ Use new ClientInterface in all ConnectionInterface implementations
⚠️ Renamed Connector interface to ConnectorInterface
⚠️ Renamed handleBlogFlush() to shouldFlushBlog()
Renamed flush_network option to network_flush
Use ObjectCache::$blogId instead of get_current_blog_id()
Use ObjectCacheCollector::get_storage(): QM_Data return type
Show received bytes and sent bytes in Query Monitor
Strip slashes from commands in Query Monitor
Improved support for scan() and *scan() methods
Delete FOSS drop-in upon plugin activation
Fixed various Redis Sentinel issues
Fixed Invalid regular expression in Safari
Fixed parsing rawCommand() in Query Monitor calls when using Redis Cluster
Fixed health check for configuration constant being defined too late
Fixed attempted property access on null in Diagnostics::relayHasCache()
Fixed groups widget padding
Fixed inverted “Relay Cache” metadata in Query Monitor
Dropped Twemproxy support
Dropped PhpRedisClusterConnection::scanNode() helper
Dropped *ObjectCache::Client constants
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