v9.0.36 – v8.1.22 WP Go Maps Pro Free Download (formerly WP Google Maps Pro) GPL

There are a lot of WordPress plugins for Google Maps but “Wp Go Maps Pro” is definitely the most popular one. You can download the plugin for free by following the button below:

WP Go Maps Pro Free Download

The easiest to use Google Maps and Open Layers Map Plugin (including a Map Block)!

Add a customized Google map, map block or Store Locator to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. No fuss. No iFrames and super easy to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of!

While the free version of WP Go Maps Pro nulled allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like, the Pro version allows you to do so much more!

Create Elementor Maps, map blocks and map widgets easily with our WP Go Maps Elementor map block integration, straight out the box!

The WP Go Maps Pro Version version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.


  • Create multiple maps!
  • Allow your visitors to get directions to your markers.
  • Add descriptions, links and images to your map markers.
  • Add categories to your map markers
  • Filter markers by category
  • Mashup multiple maps
  • Add different marker icons, or your own icons to make your map really stand out!
  • List your map markers in the four ways; basic list, basic table, carousel, advanced table
  • Allow visitors to use their map location as the starting or ending point for the directions
  • Choose between the Default Google Maps Infowindow and the new Modern Infowindow
  • Export/Import your markers to a CSV file for quick editing.
  • Link Fusion tables to your Google Maps
  • Show your visitor’s location on the Map
  • Import KML/KMZ files to your map
  • More advanced options for the Store Locator
  • Allow users to use their map location for the store locator
  • Store locator search by category
  • Hide all map markers until a store locator search is done
  • Move your marker list inside the map window
  • Multiple map widget functionality
  • Add retina-ready map marker icons
  • WordPress Network friendly
  • Get the WP Go Maps Professional Edition for only $39.99

WP Go Maps Pro Free Download: Adding a Google Map

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How to use the Store Locator in WP Google Maps

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Adding and filter Custom Fields in WP Google Maps Pro

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9.0.36 – 2024-04-02

Removed legacy affiliate linking system, which was causing false security reports in ImunifyAV and similar scanning tools
Updated da_DK translations, thanks to Finn Sommer Jensen

9.0.35 – 2024-03-25

Added temporary key generator to allow users to try the system before setting up their own keys. Will only function in the admin area, and user must opt-in during installation wizard
Fixed issue with Gutenberg classes not properly handling unexpected objects arguments in some installation
Fixed issue where classic widget output would not be fully escaped, for users still using classic widgets
Fixed issue where legacy template module had some unescaped outputs, does not effect latest versions
Fixed issue where some attribute/elements within our installer wizard were not properly escaped
Fixed issue where some attribute/elements within our newletter opt-in template were not properly escaped
Improved sytem info class to use wpdb class to access the MySQL version number, this prevents false positive error reports by plugin scanners
Removed static temporary API key previously bundled with the plugin to improve first time usage
Tested with WP 6.5
Archived V8 changelogs

9.0.34 – 2024-03-14

Fixed issue where some marker fields may contain redirect scripts from code exploited before 9.0.28, specifically defunct image tags and generic script tags. Security issue
Fixed issue where marker endpoint would return 500 error code when marker was missing, now returns 404 instead
Fixed issue where CanvasLayer would fail to initialize when async Google Maps loader was enabled
Improved the bundled CanvasLayer lib module, to allow for recursive delayed loading, with limitations

9.0.33 – 2024-03-05

Added a required include for the Page class which causes issues in some installations
Added additional danger zone tool supports
Added processing context supports for improved operational context tracking
Added additional settings API supports
Added ability to set Google Maps API param “loading=async” from the settings area. This will become default in the future (beta)
Added ability to defer load all JavaScript assets within the plugin (beta) (Atlas Novus)
Fixed issue where ‘wpgmza_google_api_status’ would be localized multiple times
Fixed issue where Marker instance would throw fatal error if missing marker was accessed via the REST API
Fixed issue where “&” symbols would show up endoded in marker editor, for other key fields
Fixed issue where “prevent other API’s” option would always run in admin, affecting other mapping plugins
Fixed issue where Meta Box map location editor would not load when plugin was activated, see above
Fixed issue where Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) could be stored/served using the Custom CSS block. Thanks to Marco Wotschka & Akbar Kustirama (Wordfence)
Fixed issue where Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) could be stored/served using the map shortcode classname attribute. Thanks to Richard Telleng (Wordfence)
Improved autoloader to account for issues in some installations
Improved shortcode attribute security by escaping attributes further, based on recent security reports

9.0.32 – 2024-01-23

Improved the line.js mitigator to include address and title fields, due to a report showcasing these fields containing the some asset. This data is cleared, and runs automatically. Thanks to Hostpoint AG (Pascal)

9.0.31 – 2024-01-17

Fixed issue where 9030 mitigation function would falsely trigger WordFence malware scan, due to mitigation of a known bad URL

9.0.30 – 2024-01-16

Fixed issue where some marker descriptions would contain a line.js asset due to an earlier exploit. Our code will automatically clear descriptions with these values present
Fixed issue where map edit link was vulnerable to an XSS could be executed via the map ID query paramater. Thanks Rafie Muhammad (Patchstack)
Fixed issue where ‘mb_encode_numericentity’ would be called even when the function is not available within the environment

9.0.29 – 2024-01-11

Fixed issue with autoload tokenizer on some environments
Fixed issue where OpenLayers library would point to a source map that does not exist
Fixed issue where some non-nullable parameter were passed to internal PHP functions (Phase 1)
Fixed issue where map click events in OpenLayers would not respect target, and misfire as a result
Fixed issue where “&” symbols would show up encoded in the marker editor
Improved redirect store locator search to retain original search query after redirecting
Updated ro_RO translation files, minor improvement
Updated sv_SE translation files, thanks to Mats Wale
Updated sk_SK translation files, thanks to Starlogic
Added zh-CN franslation files, thanks to Daniel Tan

9.0.28 – 2023-12-12
Fixed issue where PHP 8.3 would throw a deprecated noticed when loading files with DomDocument (ReturnTypeWillChange)
Fixed issue where Unauthenticated Persistent XSS could be executed on the REST API by exploiting route/method vulnerabilities. Security issue, thanks to WPScan (Marc)
Fixed issue with decoding of already sanitized WP KSES values on CRUD module. As a result some HTML may no longer be valid in marker data, and will be cleaned on next storage.
Fixed issue where permission on POST/DELETE methods would not be reaffirmed once the regex route was matched on the REST API
Fixed issue where $m reference in legacy-core would cause a conflict with WordPress Calendar Block
Tested with WP 6.4

9.0.27 – 2023-10-11
Fixed issue where some older versions of PHP would experience issues decoding HTML with the latest update. This resulted in malformed UI for a subset of environments
Fixed issue where prepend/append methods are missing from the base DomElement class, which is required for older PHP version

9.0.26 – 2023-10-11
Fixed issue where some installations would experience a fatal error due to changed to DomElement base class (Older PHP Builds affected) (Thanks KleinDev)

9.0.25 – 2023-10-11
Added option to only use ajax transports for background data (beta)
Added option to add Google CSP headers to your site (beta)
Added automatic marker creation panel trigger when right clicking on map from default view, or marker list (Atlas Novus)
Fixed issue where deprecation notices are shown in PHP 8.2, including dynamic property creation and function changes
Fixed issue where some marker fields would be over formatted by HTML entities
Fixed issue where any classname could be passed to the Datatable rest endpoint, and might be instantiated. Security issue, thanks to Arūnas Liuiza (Kayak)
Improved core code base by refactoring some modules/sections
Improved and reworked affiliate link system, driven by a filter
Updated fr_FR translation files, minor improvement
Removed “Mapnik OSM No Labels” OpenLayers tile server as it is no longer available
Removed “Mapnik OSM B&W” OpenLayers tile server as it is no longer available
WP Go Maps Pro Free Download
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