WP Story Premium Free Download (v3.5.0.1)

WP Story Premium Nulled, a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin, offers a seamless way to incorporate Instagram-style stories directly into your website. This article explores the features that make WP Story a valuable addition to your WordPress toolkit.

WP Story Premium Free Download
  1. Effortless Story Creation: WP Story Premium simplifies the process of creating captivating stories right from your WordPress admin dashboard. No need to connect external platforms like Instagram; WP Story allows you to craft and showcase your own stories with ease. The user-friendly interface ensures that even those without extensive design experience can create visually stunning stories effortlessly.
  2. Filter and Image Manipulation: To add a touch of creativity to your stories, WP Story enables users to apply filters and manipulate images during the upload process. This feature allows for a personalized and visually cohesive storytelling experience, ensuring that your stories align with your brand or website theme seamlessly.
  3. Image Compression for Improved Experience: WP Story understands the importance of a fast and seamless user experience. With its image compression feature, the plugin optimizes the loading times of your stories without compromising on image quality. This ensures that your audience can enjoy your stories without any frustrating delays.
  4. Story Stream from Latest Posts: Transform your latest posts into an engaging story stream. WP Story lets you handpick your own posts for the story stream, providing a dynamic and interactive way for visitors to explore your content. The ability to filter stories based on categories adds an extra layer of customization and relevance.
  5. Video Support with Size Limit Control: Embrace multimedia storytelling by incorporating videos into your stories. WP Story supports various video formats, allowing users to upload and share video content seamlessly. Admins have the flexibility to control video sizes, ensuring that the website’s performance is not compromised by excessively large files.
  6. Integration with Popular Platforms: WP Story seamlessly integrates with various popular platforms and page builders, enhancing its versatility. Whether you use Elementor, WP Bakery, or Gutenberg, WP Story offers widgets and blocks for easy integration. Moreover, it is compatible with community-building plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, Youzer, BuddyBoss, and PeepSo, providing a cohesive user experience across your entire website.
WP Story Premium Free Download

WP Story Premium free download emerges as a valuable tool for WordPress users looking to elevate their website’s visual storytelling. With features like easy story creation, image manipulation, image compression, story stream from latest posts, video support, and seamless integration with popular platforms, It empowers users to create dynamic and engaging content. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or content creator, consider incorporating WP Story to add a touch of creativity and interactivity to your website’s narrative.

WP Story Premium Changelog


- Fixed: Browser routing bug in server rendered stories.


- Added: Google Web Stories support.
- Added: Story modal background blur effect option.
- Improved: Video playing performance.
- Improved: Story publishing date will be automatically updated on story transitions.
- Improved: PHP 8.3 compatibility.
- Updated: Plugin core dependencies.


- Fixed: Server side rendering activities bug.
- Fixed: BuddyPress story insights counting bug.
- Fixed: Activity stories users ID bug.
- Fixed: Dark mode text colors.
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