(v1.29.0) YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium Free Download

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YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium Free Download

In the social network era, we have become used to scrolling pages endlessly, accessing the contents of all our contacts. Similarly, the YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin captures this idea and applies it to your online shop!

It’s a very simple concept: most of your store’s lost sales are caused by two main factors: customers spend very little time surfing through your website and are often confused when they find something different than usual.

This is why speeding up and simplifying the navigation through your website using a scrolling system similar to the one you find in social networks can be the right move to increase your sales!

Think about it: how many times did you reach page 2 of your Google search? What if your search results kept coming for as long as you scrolled down the page; wouldn’t you keep looking at them?

The majority of people don’t browse the different pages of the results of a search and if they do, they often lose track of the items they are interested in, or worse, they forget the page in which they found them.

Therefore, which could be a better solution than the freedom to benefit from all the content by simply scrolling down the page? In this way, you will reduce the loading times of the following pages, and users will be able to observe the results simultaneously, with a buffet of options ready to be carefully analyzed.

This is why YITH Infinite Scrolling proves it is necessary: users will be able to see the results directly, even from a mobile device in which finger scrolling is definitely more comfortable than looking for a small number to change the page.

Moreover, the most demanding people can choose their loading effect, giving that customized touch to the whole user experience. And there’s more: if combined with the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin, YITH Infinite Scrolling can create a true synergy that can offer in a blink of an eye all the available products, and all the most important details.

So in short, this plugin is the ideal tool in a time in which more and more people are surfing the web from mobile, which will increase the conversion rate from users that purchase from this kind of device and represents a solid investment in an ever-growing market.

What the plugin doesEnable an infinite scrolling feature on your products and posts.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by loading products on the page automatically while scrolling so that the user doesn’t have to use the standard pagination;
  • You will be able to highlight a higher number of products in a shorter time and without users making unnecessary actions;
  • You will improve performance on mobile by allowing pagination based on the scrolling so that the user doesn’t need to click on the tiny page numbers.


YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium Free Download
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