v3.1.0 YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) Premium Free Download (GPL)

Download “YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) Premium” for free

YITH Point of Sale nulled works natively with WooCommerce and connects to your shop through the WooCommerce REST API. All orders made from the POS register on the frontend will be automatically synced to the database of your WooCommerce installation, exactly as any other information concerning product stock, customers’ data etc.

The most affordable and advanced solution to transform your WooCommerce into a Point Of Sale for your physical store.

If you need a POS to make physical sales you have two options. The most common and most expensive solution is to buy a dedicated POS terminal (prices go from €250 to €1000) and pay a subscription cost to get a specific POS software that costs around €40-50 a month. So, you’d spend an average of €500 a year on one POS terminal alone. And if you need more registers, you’ll have to multiply this cost by two, three, five, and so on.

The solution that we offer, instead, allows you to use WooCommerce, a free software, to transform your computer or tablet into a flexible cash register that’s cheap and easy to use thanks to the integration of our POS plugin.

It doesn’t matter what business you are running: whether it is a supermarket, a bar, a clothing store, a beauty salon: you’ll be able to fully manage your Point of Sale with multiple registers. Set up cashiers, create products, sync orders, add a markup, discounts, and coupon codes, customize receipts, monitor the income of every register, the payment methods used… and much more.

An endless number of stores and POS registers just in one installation

YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) Premium nulled plugin allows creating endless stores (if you have to manage chain stores or franchising) and endless registers (as in a supermarket with more departments and dedicated registers). For every register you can set up several cashiers, customize receipts, set up the categories and products, activate specific payment methods and more.

Scan the products (with a SKU-based search) or take advantage of the integration with our YITH Barcodes plugin

Allow the cashier to find products by SKU or by the barcode generated through our YITH Barcodes plugin to speed up and simplify the purchase process.

Download “YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) Premium” for free


3.1.0 - Released on 20 February 2024

New: support for WooCommerce 8.6
Update: YITH plugin framework
Tweak: easily reset filters when filtering Stores and Registers
Dev: new filter 'yith_pos_customer_info_box_billing_required_fields'
Dev: new filter yith_pos_parse_product_stock_check

3.0.0 - Released on 09 January 2024

New: support for WooCommerce 8.5
New: redesign settings panel
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files

2.20.0 - Released on 18 DECEMBER 2023

New: support for WooCommerce 8.4
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: reports shown in panel Dashboard in combination with WooCommerce HPOS feature
Dev: new filter 'yith_pos_receipt_force_display_item_meta'

2.19.0 - Released on 10 November 2023

New: support for WordPress 6.4
New: support for WooCommerce 8.3
New: Catalan translation
Update: YITH plugin framework

2.18.0 - Released on 9 October 2023

New: support for WooCommerce 8.2
Update: YITH plugin framework
Tweak: added 'lang' and 'yith_pos_request' parameters when searching for a coupon via REST API
Dev: added 'yith_pos_order_details_customer_name' filter

2.17.0 - Released on 4 September 2023

New: support for WooCommerce 8.1
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: stock not decreased from general inventory according to plugin options


3.15.10 March 19, 2024

(Staggered to 70% of our customers)
Enhancement: New filter that will allow to exclude fonts from being preloaded when Remove Unused CSS feature is active (#6202)
Enhancement: Improve the regex for Background Lazy Load CSS Images feature (#6408)
Enhancement: Remove Unused CSS feature will always respect the trailing slash settings of the website (#6438)
Enhancement: Improve loading time when saving the post on bigger websites. Related to private posts detection (#5971)
Enhancement: Improve the loading time for specific SQL query (#6392)
Enhancement: Reduce the resource usage by refactoring theme detection class (#6367)
Enhancement: Prevent the cache from being cleared multiple times when switching the theme (#6276)
3rd-party compatibility: Fix the compatibility with Imagify after its latest release (#6468)

3.15.9 February 1, 2024

Bugfix: Fix some compatibility problems with Contact Form 7 enhancement (#6384)
Bugfix: Fix a problem with Lazy Load Background CSS Images feature when CSS is coming directly from PHP file in the source (#6389)
Enhancement: Show only last 4 characters of the Cloudflare credentials in the UI (#3376)
Enhancement: Improve the batch limit filter for the Preload feature (#6394)
Enhancement: Make sure to remove WP Rocket’s transients when deleting the plugin (#4943)
Enhancement: Show percentage instead of price on renewal banners (#6349)
3rd-party compatibility: Move “All Languages” button to the top of the cache clearing list when multilingual plugins are used (#6174) January 23, 2024

Bugfix: Update delay JS script to the latest version (#6401)
Fix a problem when 3rd-parties use addEventListener without specifying the DOM element
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