v3.5.0 YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium Free Download [GPL, Activated]

With YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled you can quickly launch an affiliate program. Free download link is here.
Download “YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium” for free

With YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled you can save on the advertising costs (where you are supposed to pay per click even if no sales are generated) and quickly launch an affiliate program in your shop: with just one plugin you get leads, traffic and sales through targeted partnerships with influencers and bloggers that embody your typical customer.

An affiliate program is a partnership between a company and an affiliate, who through online posting (on a blog, on social profiles, etc.) drives traffic (that is, potential customers) to the target company e-commerce site and earns a commission on the generated sales.

Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income for any shop and actually, more than 80% of the online companies offer an affiliate program to their users, from the smallest and niche e-commerce stores to the biggest ones like Amazon, AliExpress, Zalando and Airbnb. According to the Business Insider reports, affiliations drive 25% of a store’s traffic and 15-38% of the sales made. These are very high numbers that are set to grow in the next year thanks to the “influencers” phenomenon that is taking hold as an online advertising system.

What the plugin does

Run an affiliate campaign to drive traffic to your shop, get new customers and grow revenue.

How you can benefit from YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium:

  • Push users (customers, bloggers, etc.) to sign up as your affiliates and to share their referral links.
  • Collaborate with influencers and offer them a percentage on the sales generated thanks to their articles or advertisements on social networks.
  • Build an automated advertising campaign that will promote your products without investing money: affiliates will be paid only through commissions on sales effectively made thanks to them.
  • Easily track visitors, conversions, commissions, and payouts through the integrated dashboard.
  • Drive traffic to your site, generate qualified leads and increase your SEO ranking through numerous backlinks to your site via your affiliate blogs, social pages and websites.


3.5.0 - Released on 11 March 2024

New: support for WordPress 6.5
New: support for WooCommerce 8.7
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: PayPal IPN amount not matching commission amount

3.4.0 - Released on 14 February 2024

New: support for WooCommerce 8.6
Tweak: removed usage of filter_var to validate URLs
Tweak: when in secure context, use Clipboard API to copy values from browser
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: make sure we save promo coupon in cookie, when cart is empty, for future usage
Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_cookie_exp

3.3.0 - Released on 16 January 2024

New: support for WooCommerce 8.5
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: added new filter yith_wcaf_hide_commissions_table_new_order_email

3.2.0 - Released on 19 December 2023

New: support for WooCommerce 8.4
Tweak: switch admin panel filter to GET method, so that filters are preserved when adding new query strings to current URL
Update: YITH plugin framework

3.1.0 - Released on 21 November 2023

New: support for WordPress 6.4
New: support for WooCommerce 8.3
Update: YITH plugin framework

3.0.0 - Released on 02 November 2023

New: admin panel UI
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: error with admin profile permissions check
Dev: added yith_wcaf_create_order_commission_skip_zero_commissions filter

2.19.0 - Released on 23 October 2023

New: support for WooCommerce 8.2
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: display of the application date in the affiliate detail panel


v3.3.2 (23.04.2024)

- Updated: Bundled plugins to the latest version;
- Added: Custom header and footer options for inner pages;
- Added: Hide "All" item option for gallery filter in "Gallery" widget;
- Fix: Minor improvements and fixes.

v3.3.1 (05.04.2024)

- Updated: Bundled plugins to the latest version;
- Fix: Minor improvements and fixes.

v3.3.0 (12.03.2024)

- Updated: Bundled plugins to the latest version;
- Added: New Apartment Hotel Demo;
- Fix: Minor improvements and fixes.
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