(v2.2.0) YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium Free Download

The ultimate search plugin for WooCommerce: help your customers quickly search, find, and buy products from your shop.You can find the nulled version of the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search below.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Free Download

Usability research has proven this for years: 85% of users who access an e-commerce store use the search form first thing. Everyone’s personal experience certainly confirms this: how many times have you visited Amazon or AliExpress and checked products randomly? And how many times, on the other hand, have you directly used the search bar to filter products and quickly find what you’re really interested in?

If you sell online, offering your customers an easy-to-use search tool is essential. With YITH WooCommerce AJAX Search you can set up a modern and usable WooCommerce search form in minutes, that is designed to deliver effective results consistently, search after search.

The 2.0 version is powerful, versatile, and equipped with all the advanced features necessary to offer you a true marketing tool for your e-commerce, capable of converting users into customers and searches into actual sales.  

In fact, you’ll be able to customize the style of the form and search results, set a priority value for each of the search parameters for more targeted results, set synonyms, set a tolerance threshold to cover misspellings, and much more.

Want the ultimate search form for your WooCommerce-based shop? Your search is finally over – pun intended – this plugin has exactly what you need.

What the plugin does ; Add an intelligent search engine to your store so that your customers can quickly find the products they are looking for.

How you can benefit from it:

  • ensure a positive shopping experience: 80% of online shoppers use search forms to filter products. If you don’t have one, most of your e-commerce store visitors will abandon the site within seconds, and that means you’re losing sales and customers;
  • increase conversions: sales of products found through a search form account for 30-60% of all e-commerce orders. With an advanced search form, you can promote your products and increase sales;
  • maximum versatility: use a block and/or a shortcode to insert the search form anywhere in your shop and customize every detail of it: elements to display, colors, global style, etc.;
  • configure search synonyms to let users find the products they are looking for regardless of the keywords they use;
  • configure preset keywords to promote your popular products and let users quickly access them.


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Free Download


2.2.0 - Released on 18 March 2024

New: Support for WooCommerce 8.7
New: Support for WordPress 6.5
Update: YITH plugin framework

2.1.0 - Released on 28 February 2024

New: Top searched statistics
New: Top clicked products statistics
New: "No results" statistics
New: Boost results for specific conditions
New: Boost results for specific products
New: Fullscreen overlay search style
New: Support for YITH WooCommerce Membership
New: Support for WooCommerce 8.6
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: Language files

2.0.2 - Released on 24 January 2024

Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: Product price was not displayed with tax and in the correct format.
Fix: Shortcode option was not being saved.
Fix: Products in draft status were being displayed in search results.
Fix: "Delete All" and other strings could not be translated.
Fix: The empty state popup is now hidden if it does not contain any content.
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