(v1.37.0) YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium Free Download

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud solves this problem by blocking orders placed by possible scammers.You can find the YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium Nulled on this page.

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium Free Download Free Download

You obsessively take care of your site every day, you control everything, from the smallest expense to the pleasant income. Then, while you are checking every single order, you find out that you have to delete some of the sales because they are fraudulent purchases. Scams.

Do you know that in the event of fraudulent purchases made with a credit card,90% of the times the bank will compensate the buyer, thus making you lose the sale made and the product sold?

This plugin checks for suspicious actions during the purchase process by assigning them a coefficient of risk that will block the order automatically if it is too high, setting it as pending. Meanwhile, you will receive an email and be free to discretely verify the possible buyer, ask for more information before approving the purchase, and so on. Two simple words: goodbye scams!

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is specifically designed for all those vendors who are tired of trying the impossible in order to boost the number of their customers and sales only to run into a high rate of fraudulent purchases.

  • It increases the risk of refunds for the vendor
  • It increases the risk of ending up into banks’ blacklists.
  • It makes vendors waste precious time while dealing with every single fraudulent transaction.
  • It damages the public image of your company in the eyes of customers.

Scams are rising in numbers and, as a vendor, you have the right and the need to protect yourself to create a truly functional store with no security weakness.

What the plugin doesCreate safety rules that allow you to block fraudulent purchases in your e-commerce.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to apply automatic cross checks on different variables such as IP address, geolocation, email address, to block all the orders matching suspicious parameters;
  • You will prevent economic loss due to unauthorized transactions that at 90% are reimbursed by the bank and can compromise your e-commerce reputation.


YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium Free Download Free Download
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