(v3.9.0) YITH WooCommerce Waitlist Premium Free Download

Win back lost customers and sales when your products go out of stock or are not available and send automatic back-in-stock notifications to push your users to buy.You can find the YITH WooCommerce Waitlist Premium Nulled on this page.

YITH WooCommerce Waitlist Premium Free Download

A waiting list plugin is extremely flexible because it allows you to address different needs: you may want to launch a new product/service/event, build hype by disabling sales, and create a waiting list with a custom discount or a bonus for those who subscribe to it.

Or maybe you have a best-selling product and want to be sure you don’t lose any prospective customers when it goes out of stock.

Let’s think of the most likely scenario: Jerry finds an interesting product in your shop, it’s exactly what he was looking for, the same model and color, amazing! But then he realizes that he cannot buy it because his size is not available.

He goes through the product page looking for information about when that product size will be back in stock or how he can be notified when it is, but there’s no mention of that. Now, his purchase experience is at risk: his frustration hits the roof and he can’t help leaving the shop and looking for that product elsewhere.

Now let’s consider the same scenario, but with the possibility for him to subscribe to a waiting list: even if the product is not immediately available, Jerry reads that his size will be back in stock shortly and he can leave his email address to be notified as soon as this happens. One week later, he receives an email informing him that his size is now available with a $5 discount code as a gift for his patience.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Waitlist and just one email – with a conversion rate of around 10-15% according to market research – you converted a prospect into a customer and made a sale that would have been lost otherwise.

What the plugin doesLet customers subscribe to a mailing list for out-of-stock or unavailable products so they can get automatic back-in-stock notifications when these are available in your shop.

How you can benefit from it:

  • Create a list of prospective customers that may want to buy one or more products: it will come in handy for future marketing strategies;
  • Build a pre-launch strategy for some of your products and create a mailing list with interested users even before starting the sale;
  • Leverage the scarcity principle to grow hype for those products that are not available yet or that are available in a limited quantity;
  • Build targeted campaigns to push customers into buying as soon as the products they want are available (emails related to waitlist products usually have a significantly high conversion rate, between 10 to 15%!);
  • Win back those lost sales and customers by suggesting alternative products similar to the ones they wanted to buy. By offering good alternatives in case of out-of-stock or unavailable products, you can also increase your customers’ loyalty and guarantee a positive purchase experience.


YITH WooCommerce Waitlist Premium Free Download
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